Important Notice :

Rules and Regulation


For Students(Class I-XII) 

School Uniform and General Appearance

The following rules are to be followed at all times:
·         Be in proper school uniform and carry ID card at all times.
·         Sober and decorous general appearance of all students is essential.
·         Fashion fads within the formal setting of the school or a classroom are strictly forbidden.
·         The use of makeup, jewelry, coloured or bleached hair or any other distractive physical decoration is not permitted at any level.
·         Students should look neat and smart.


Absence and Late Attendance

·         Students attending school late on three days will be marked absent for a day.

·         School gates may be closed 20 minutes after the school has started and the students arriving after that time may not be allowed to enter and may be marked absent for the day.

·         If a student is absent due to ill health, an application (addressing to the Principal) from the parents or guardian must be submitted on the first day the student attends after the absence. The number of days absent and the reason for absence must be mentioned clearly in the application.

·         Prior permission must be taken from the Principal if the student is absent for reasons other than ill health.

·         Minimum 80% attendance is a requirement to get promotion to the next class.


Missed Test / Exam

·         Any test / exam missed during such absence will be marked zero and the student may lose marks from the total if permission is not taken in advance.


Authorized Person for Student Collection

·         Students should be collected from school by an authorized person only.

·         Students will not be allowed to go home with friends or any other person unless written permission has been sent from parents. Messages or requests on the telephone will not be accepted for the purpose.

·         Once students arrive at school, they are expected to remain in the school premises for the entire school day.

·         Students who leave campus without prior permission are liable for punishment.



·         Students may be detained after school to complete unfinished work or as punishment for any infringement of school rules. Parents will be notified about such detentions.


Personal Belonging

·         School is not responsible for any personal item belonging to students which is lost or stolen from the school campus.

·         Articles left in school campus will be picked and kept in the admin office for two weeks. After this time the lost and found items may be donated to charity.



Protection of School Property

·         A standard replacement charge will have to be paid if any school property, book or science instrument is lost or damaged by a student.


Banned items:

·         Mobile Phones

·         Cameras

·         Cassettes

·         Entertainment CDs or DVDs

·         Entertainment magazines

·         Posters

·         Large amount of money without any approval of parent or management

·        Medicines (in case of requirements the concerned administrative office will have to be informed by the parents).


N.B.: Students are discouraged to wear or bring expensive items such as jewelry, watches, stationery items


Discipline in the Campus
To ensure discipline in the campus, the students are expected to adopt the following ideology:

·         Respect the moral and social norms of Bangladesi society

·         Respect the right and property of others

·         Act considerately towards others

·         Tell the truth

·         Maintain and use school property correctly

·         Maintain discipline at all times

·         Follow the school’s code of conduct

Stern disciplinary action (suspension / expulsion / TC) is taken in case of breech of school rules and misconduct (e.g. bullying, damaging school property or image …..) by any student.

School Philosophy

The school follows a firm policy against inflicting physical punishment to discipline students. The school advocates:

·         counseling

·         reasoning

·         understanding and

·         guidance

to develop constructive attitude and habits to counter disciplinary problems.


Parents’ Responsibility

  • Parents are requested to ensure that students follow the school rules and maintain  discipline in the campus at all times.
  • Parents are also requested to read the school diary on a regular basis 
      • To know the status of the student
      • To be informed about the instructions given from the school








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