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Frequntly Asked Question(FAQ)





What curriculum do you follow?

We follow the Cambridge curriculum in English medium. We also follow the  national curriculum in English Version [only in  Campus located at House # 12, Road #12 (Old 31), Dhanmondi.



How many campuses do you have ?

We have 7 campuses for English medium and one for English Version.

Dhanmondi Campuses

Mirpur Campus

Wari Campuses

English Version



Are all the teachers from English background ?

No, all the teachers are not from English background, but they are highly qualified, well trained in the field of teaching and they have a strong command in English.



Is ESS a Co-educational school ?

ESS is a co-educational school, but it has separate sections for boys and girls frrom class two onwards.



Is English spoken in class?

Yes, English is used in the class while delivering lessons.



Do you have transportation for students ?

Our campuses are area based and that is why we do not have transportation for students.



Where do you  usually have your O’ Level Examination venues ?

The venue for O’ Level Examination is decided by the British Council, students sit for their exams accordingly. 



Are all the premises  rented or do you have any own campus?

At present, all the campuses are in different rented buildings. The good news is that we are in the process of purchasing a piece of land.



What   type of cultural program do you have ?

ESS is an English medium school greatly influenced in its national spirit. Therefore, our cultural programs focus on : 

  • International Mother Language Day
  • Independence Day
  • Bengali New Year Day



Do you have play ground in all campus ?

As the campuses are in rented buildings which are not custom built schools, we do not have large play ground in all campuses. However, some campuses have playgrounds.



How do you arrange for physical activities ?

We engage the learners in different physical and sports activities. We arrange for matches like cricket, football, basketball etc. We have specially trained teachers and have special clubs to coordinate the sports activities. 



Do you have any coaching center ?

No, we do not have any coaching centre. We never encourage private coaching . 



How do you help the weak students ?

We have special need-based classes to help weak learners. This is arranged in each campus according to campus requirement.  







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