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 Mr. Abdullah

Teachers are called builders of a nation. What, we as ‘Teacher’ project today, becomes a total outcome of a proper nation in future. That is why we always have to observe the views differently, amalgamate ideas to put them in a frame which will create a history. European Standard School has always been with them who believe in standard, proper approach towards learning something and also to bring out the best. I, as Chairman, look forward to your continuous support and appreciation to make the students of today  better humans for tomorrow.


Mr. Md. Morshedul Islam
Principal & Managing Director

European Standard School (ESS) has started its journey in 2001 with a strong hope and belief. The belief was to leave a footmark on the path of creating better future. Not to focus or ensure that we can bring out the extraordinary, but to ensure the difference amongst the ordinaries has always been our motto. I have the perception to satisfy my trust and to put my effort eternally. I want to thank my team, my students and the guardians without whom this insitution  would never have come to this stage.





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