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DPS Goethe Quiz
The DPS Quiz registration is still going on from 24/11/ 2014 to December 02/12/2014
All the related information can be found in the following link:
The students can also visit this Facebook site: where questions related to the Quiz has been updated on a regular basis.
 In addition I am also adding some FAQs below so that you can understand the system easily.
I thank you in advance for your cooperation.
If you have any question please feel free to ask me.
Q-1-     What is the Eligibility to participate in the online quiz?
A-1-     All German learners from classes VI to X in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka can participate in the Quiz.
Q-2-     What are the dates for the on-line registration?
A-2-     24th November-2nd December, 2014
Q-3-     When is the On-line Quiz to be conducted?
A-3-     7th December, 2014 00:00 Hours (IST) to 8th December, 2014 23:59 Hours (IST)
Q-4-     Can one attend the quiz from home?
A-4-     Yes
Q-5-     Can one log out and log in again to participate in quiz?
A-5-     Yes, one can log in multiple times, every time you log out, the previous session is saved.
Q-6-     What is the language of the quiz?
A-6-     English
Q-7-     Is there any participation fee or registration fee?
A-7-     No, the quiz is free of cost.
Q-8-     Where can one register online?
Q-9-     How many students per school can be registered?
A-9-     There is no restriction on the no. of students registering per school.
Q-10-   Can one attend the quiz in team?
A-10-   No, students have to strictly participate as individuals.
Q-11-   When can one get quiz structure and guidelines?
A-11-   One can get only after successful completion of on-line registration.
Q-12-   How can one register individually?
A-12-   Registration can be done only through schools. Individual registration is not possible. Further details are provided in the guidelines.
Q-13-   What are the topics for the online quiz?
A-13-   Detailed Information can be found in the guidelines.
Q-14-   What prizes can one win?
A-14-   Detailed Information can be found in the guidelines.
Q-15-   What happens, if one registers and doesn’t attempt the quiz?
A-15-   Only students who attempt the quiz get the participation certificates.
 Please note carefully: 
§  Registerred Students are to log in with their pass word and see if there is any problem in logging.
§  Students will not be able to play, but they will be able to log in.
§  Students who have registered last year need to check if they can log in with their previous pass word. [they should be able to – else they will have to give another email ID]





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