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Why Choose ESS?

ESS is the best!
My mother has chosen European Standard School (ESS) for me when I was three years old. My principal was impressed with my performance during admission. Still now I am a student of ESS. It is situated at Dhanmondi in Dhaka. My school is located at the city heart. There are many campuses of ESS in the prime areas of Dhaka city. Our school management is very systematic and organised. Our teachers are  highly qualified. They are very friendly, loving and caring. They always look after our studies. They encourage us to be disciplined and well mannered. There are different teachers for different subjects. Various events like cultural programs, sports day, science fair, book fair, art competition and picnic take place every year in the school premises. There are special classes for weak students. For these reasons I believe that ESS is the correct school for me. That is why I have chosen ESS as my learning home.  I am very fortunate to study here. I feel proud when anyone tells good things about ESS. I love my school very much and I want to complete my O-A level here.  
Written by Wazina Azreen
Class: IV, Section: Samurais, Roll # 2
ESS, Campus – 3
I love ESS

Hello! My name is Arian Ahmed, I study in class four in ESS (European Standard School) which is an English Medium School. In European Standard School (ESS) all of the teachers are very friendly and co-operative. The teachers sometimes scold us but we know that it is for our own good. A computer lab room and also a very nice  play ground are in the school. There are also special classes for those students who are weak in studies. Every campus has its own school canteen. There are many sections in the school and the school is also very tidy. I like my school very much because of all these things and that is why I have chosen to study in ESS.

Written by Arian Ahmed

Class: IV, Section: Warriors, Roll # 1


Why am I an ESS

I am not in ESS from my childhood. For me it has bees four years till now and it has been a roller-coaster ride! The ups and downs are unexpectedly memorable. It is my second school and now I am really a part of it. It was not actually me who chose the school but my parents chose it for me. It was their idea that I study in a good school. They chose it not only because it is an English medium school but also for the fact that Bengali is also taught with great care in ESS. ESS has a debate club which is known to be the best debate clubs among the schools in the city. The most important thing is that we are always given the syllabus of an academic year in advance so that we know which chapters of a particular subject we are going to study. The competition in the school among students is high. This makes the students study in a competitive environment. We also had a study tour to NASA which was amazing. We are taught German language for free and it is a third language that we are learning. Classes are taken in an organized manner in air-conditioned class rooms. The amazing teachers, stuffs and of course, my friends make me love my school. No matter where we go from here the memories from ESS will always been in my mind. I hope that one day ESS will be the best school in the city. I always thank my parents for choosing this school for my education.

 Sayba Musarrat Chaudhry







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